Tuesday, 6 August 2019

summer lodge 10 - carry/hold

I've carried these reels of thread around with me since 2003, they were bought in a box of odds and ends from the Constance Howard collection during my MA at Goldsmiths. While packing my bag for Summer Lodge at Nottingham Trent University I gathered the rust/blood ones from the box - just in case

Like many, I hold the beginnings of ideas/unresolved work/instinctual work as thoughts and objects. Summer Lodge provided the perfect opportunity to sit with this work (reels and button handkerchiefs in particular) and allow space for it to speak.

Rust was my mum's favourite colour, I've yet to meet another for whom this is the case - I'll be delighted when I do. The eight reels became one thread, and after a painstaking and frustrating two and a half days I worked out how to knit them together to form an umbilical type cord. The process took most of the Summer Lodge and surprised me, I'd not planned to make a cord, but there it was forming and becoming in my hands. 

The work was emotionally painful and I've not yet processed it. I thought about the women before me who birthed daughters and then I, childless, being the last of the line. The women before me are Doreen, Ada and Hannah and I plan to trace back the mother of Hannah and beyond so I have eight names. As I knitted another work appeared in my head, a series of eight connected dress forms in red organza - an idea to carry for a while.

I suspended a handkerchief and let it surprise me each morning. I've held the idea for many years of stitching buttons to a bedsheet and this was a maquette of that. I wonder at the weight of a bedsheet, of how it would feel to lay under, could it be cool and comforting, might it suffocate? Unprompted, Milly, one of the wonderful studio assistants lay under the handkerchief and looked at the buttons, remaking on how beautiful some of them were. 

Summer Lodge provided a space in which new work formed, ideas emerged and old ones were reaffirmed. The support and positivity from particular studio assistants and participating artists was also most welcome. 

Friday, 5 July 2019

#Five2Watch: Sculpture

Had a lovely email this morning from axisweb, letting me know I've been selected for this weeks Five2Watch: Sculpture

summer lodge 10

Summer Lodge 10 is go!

My first lodge is proving to be a surprising and opening experience. Looking forward to gathering tomorrow for the Symposium - Diagonal practice.

 Work in progress - possibly titled What we had in common

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

aa2a exhibition - in common

My exhibition space: Homesick, showing with Lubna Din, Maud Haya-Baviera & Pippa Pixley under the group title, In Common at Markeaton Street, University of Derby from 1st July to 16th August 2019.

In Common is a culmination of the 2018/2019 AA2A artist residency programme at the University of Derby. The AA2A (artists access to art colleges) is a national programme funded by Arts Council England & participating universities.  

Thursday, 20 June 2019


Next week I'll be hanging my exhibition Homesick, at The University of Derby, alongside Lubna Din, Maud Haya-Baviera & Pippa Pixley. The exhibition is a culmination of the (aa2a) Artists Access to Art Collages 2019 residency.  

I'll be showing a series of linocut prints, a hand embroidered pillowcase & this series of watercolours, balanced on old fashioned knick-knack shelving. 

 12 watercolour paintings of found pottery shards & pressed flowers

 You're not broken you're grieving (detail) 
Drawing pencil, watercolour on paper, 2019

Drawing pencil, watercolour on paper, 2019