Tuesday 30 April 2019

a rock and a hard place

Two and a half months of hand sewing, swearing, pricking my finger and bleeding have resulted in this beauty. Time lavishly spent on an old, much washed pillowcase. This work has a very personal story behind it... It brings to mind a postcard I have somewhere by David Shirley with the cheery message 'good luck in the strange and brutal kingdom you call home'.

a rock and a hard place

limited edition linocut series - it's all about the boundaries...

My boundary linocut series will be available for sale at the Belper Arts Trail on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May. I'll be exhibiting at Attic Batik next to the Market Place on the Upper Trail. 

Limited edition of 25 each on either white or soft white (cream) Somerset satin 100% cotton 300gsm paper.

Dry Stone Wall/Cromford

Hawthorn Hedgerow/Bakewell 

 Dry Stone Wall/Castle Top

 Hawthorn Hedgerow/Matlock