Wednesday 15 January 2014

LOGO No.112

Today I ran a workshop with Year 4 children at St Mary's C of E Primary School in Walthamstow, London. I've been commissioned to develop sessions that enable local children to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of public art, specifically Richard Woods work in Walthamstow Town Square. 

One element of the session was asking the children to work in groups to form word responses to particular questions and these developed into the poems below. Felt compelled to share as it was a special moment when the groups took turns to stand before their class and read aloud their work.

 Richard Woods LOGO No.112 in Walthamstow Town Square

Sunny yellow like lemon
Silky luxurious like my mums summer dress
Smooth, you can touch it and your finger slides down
The paint shines like the sun
The art makes me feel happy for the amazing textures

Olive green, apple burst with a hint of raspberry crush and something called eco
Bumpy like the detailed soil in my garden
Splodge, the paint falls on my eyes
Happy colourful fields of corn and stain glass windows
Reminds me of the fields in sunny Devon
Makes me feel joyful like I am in a free field

The greenest grassy grass in my back yard
Bumpy feeling when you touch it
Splatters me with blossom
Spring reminds me of the colourful birds in the sky
Strange confusion of colour

Spring fields with corn as golden as the sun
Slippery smooth surface
Shiny as the moon with shine of the amazing sun
Spring when everything's blooming and colour
Happy is fun, fun is great, great is amazing and amazing is me!
Multicoloured as a new sun put in the sky