Thursday 30 June 2016


Family felt making at The Hepworth Wakefield last Sunday, no photos of felt this time BUT this little lad created a picture on our magnetic wall - a dinosaur! He was one of the politest and clearest children I've ever met. Great boundaries wee one!

hepworth wakefield

Last Friday I had the pleasure of working alongside a group of young people at The Hepworth Wakefield. Our workshop coincided with the opening of Stanley Spencer: Of Angels & Dirt and we focused on his landscape paintings in gallery 9, discussing, writing and drawing in response to the work. Using fabric, rope and finds from the gallery store cupboards we assembled our interpretation on the grass outside the gallery. Focused engagement, playfulness and teamwork resulted in a fantastic day.

 Work Space

 Team work

 Rain stopped play briefly and left its mark


Wednesday 29 June 2016

leytonstone arts trail 2016

The Leytonstone Arts Trail runs from 2nd - 10th July. My interview for the trail website was posted yesterday!

 In my hand-made dress at my studio table

My newest work, an as yet untitled embroidery

Wednesday 8 June 2016


During a chat about creativity and its nemesis, the inner critical voice, Siobhan Davis and Karen Logan spoke of childhood play and exploration, of becoming absorbed in process rather than focused on outcome - and the idea for PLAY / GROUND was born. The artists have created two outdoor workshops that compliment each other and consider playfulness, with a sprinkling of mischievousness and a desire to connect with kin.

Part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail our workshops take place on Sunday 3rd and Sunday 10th of July, they are FREE! Join us!

Monday 6 June 2016

hepworth wakefield

My two recent workshops at The Hepworth Wakefield with young people and families. An exploration of the Kettle's Yard exhibition culminating in painted stones, and felt making inspired by Yorkshire: Hepworth, Moore and The Landscape.

 Acrylic paint & sharpie pen on stone


 Acrylic paint wash

 Protective eye

 Learning studios

 Felting table

 Nail varnish kid