Thursday, 26 March 2020

tree/time dyed yarn

Two years ago I visited Epping Forest, near my childhood home and unwound acrylic yarn I'd wrapped around tree trunks 15 years before. See 15 years for reflections on that day.

Last week I went to my studio at Haarlem Artspace and collected plants, basic art materials and two projects I've been intending to work on - the yarn came home with me.

I'm finding it difficult to relate to my pre COVID-19 'to-do' lists and I'm resisting the upsurge of 'doing' all over social media BUT, think I can get my head and hands around making knitted branches using the tree/time dyed yarn.

Lets see what happens.

Images show the yarn, branches gathered in Matlock and an old set of double-point knitting needles.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

new - sales page

In light of COVID-19 and seeing my diary empty of paid work for the foreseeable, I've set up a sales page. As a freelance self employed person with no savings I'm trying to be inventive while my brain flits from panic to disbelief and also - to hope.

If you are able, please consider buying from artists & creatives, whose lives are precarious at the best of times... 

Thank you 💚