draw derby

In 2022 I set up Draw Derby: a free monthly gathering for people who wish to draw outside in Derby City Centre. The intention is to create a space to inhabit the city in a quietly powerful way, to be still, observe and draw together, meeting like minded others in the process.

We use the city as easel and inspiration: benches, bollards and planters become supports for sketchbooks. We meet in the same place at the same time each month and experience a familiar and different city - we witness and record change. 

Draw Derby provides a time, date and meeting place and the rest is up to the individual - what their mornings focus is, what they draw with, how they draw. We all draw, no-one teaches, beginner and experienced  drawing together. At the close of the two hours we visit a local independent cafe and share work (if people want to - no pressure).   

I'm seeing how the year unfolds, how the idea is received and what impacts committing to regular drawing has on the participants lives. I'll gather responses at the close of the year and consider how to take Draw Derby forward into 2023.

The heart of Draw Derby is to keep it simple and free. 

For more information and images click for Draw Derby's Instagram - link in bio for the current months free tickets on Eventbrite.

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Victoria Street

Guildhall Theatre

Sharing work - February Draw Derby

Ribbon Canopy - Iron Gate

Bonny Prince, Full Street

March Draw Derby

Museum of Making - Assembladge

Museum of Making - Assembladge

Market Place rubbing


May Draw Derby



June Draw Derby