Thursday 26 August 2021


I've set up an online shop inkling_print, click the link and have a peek 😀

Inkling - a slight knowledge or suspicion; a hint.

At inkling_print I offer print, drawing and painting (mostly) inspired by the wild plants and ancient landscape of Derbyshire. I'm intrigued by folk medicine, hedgerow herbalism, folk song, hedge laying and dry stone walling. Watchful and attentive to the signs that cover this land from the people who came before. 

folding takes some effort

Tamed the button sheet 😀

Folding takes some effort, the buttons clink together reminiscent of waves dragging shingle or pebbles back into the sea.

Not yet half covered, almost a year of on and off attention.

My studio space is wee so the sheet can take over. Tamed and tidy it can sit and watch me for a while.