Saturday 26 October 2013

38 hoe street

Back to my old haunt of Walthamstow for an exciting project engaging local primary school children with a new artwork in Walthamstow Town Square by Richard Woods. Woods work seeks to extend the legacy of William Morris's ideology and practice through his hand (or foot made!) printing methods and is perfectly located with the William Morris Gallery a 15 minute walk away from the Town Square.

This commission is part of a wider project showcasing a series of improvements for Walthamstow Town Square and Hoe Street. 


I'm very excited about working on the first Level 2 Integrated Youth Programme at The Hepworth Wakefield this December. Using the exhibition programme as inspiration our three week course will introduce young people to creative processes and ways of looking, thinking and making. Participants will work together to develop an idea from initial concept through to completion and benefit from an increased sense of self-worth as they set goals, develop and manage their own workload.