Monday, 7 May 2012

local paper

Dropped off some Woolgather flyers to the Hepworth staffroom today, and found this pinned on the noticeboard with vote for Karen scrawled next to it in green pen (my favourite colour). Thank you to whoever did that. This must have been in the Wakefield Express, but not sure when... Apologies for scan quality (and blob of jam), did try to find a link to the article online but no luck.


  1. Hey Karen, will definitely vote for you! Had a look at the videos 'Where for your future' - how interesting the different ways the artists found to answer - thoughtful strange irreverent earnest beautiful. Was touched by yours and send you my best wishes towards finding that place where you want to settle, dog and all.

    PS. Have created a link from my blog to yours, hope that's o.k.

  2. thank you very much, i've not seen the woolgather show yet, am traveling to leeds this sunday to have a look and do a talk... can't wait to see the others work x