Saturday 29 September 2012

consider, discuss, select

The final days of our project, A September To Remember at The Hepworth Wakefield have flown by. Last week we spent a day on the Yorkshire Moors with walk leader Pete, learning about compass readings and taking bearings. This week we've worked in the learning studio with a focus of making, considering and selecting work for exhibition. The consensus is our show is not about an end point, it celebrates how far we have come and hints at continuation. With this in mind the title Until The Far Distance suggests onward momentum and facing the future. During an intensive three weeks we brought together a group of people who had never met before, who were not aware of Richard Long's work and challenged them to create artworks in physical and exciting ways - walking, looking, listening, responding, measuring, making, taking photos, drawing, creating text, discussing. This week we designed and distributed invites, considered curation and marketing, created interpretation text and planned skills sharing workshops led by the young people during the celebration event for the show. Seven participants started and seven remained for the whole process, an amazing journey with learning for all of us, not just the young people.

Until The Far Distance opens in Gallery 6 on 2nd Of October and runs until the 7th October (gallery open 10am-5pm). Join us on the 5th October between 4pm-7pm for a celebration event with refreshments and art activities led by the young artists themselves.

 Getting our bearings

 Recording the landscape

What could go where? Visual thinking for our exhibition

 Word clouds created with Wordle

Flakes of clay fallen from the groups drawings

Working wall - to be exhibited in the picnic area next to the learning studios