Friday 30 November 2012

put a sock in it

When knitting I know the basics and invent as I go along, I've also held on to the belief that I CAN'T READ PATTERNS (Yes, the voice in my head does shout). Recently I've challenged this belief and decided the time had come to knit a sock. It wasn't particularly easy, but with trial and error, YouTube videos posted by kindly souls and being prepared to unwind hours of work I got there. Now I can interpret the language of knit and understand st-st, k, p, m1, psso, k2tog, p2tog, p2togtbl, s1, s1p, ssk and make a Kitchener stitch (this particuar stitch requires 100% concentration).

My gravestone cosies are made in my old way, of invention and problem solving and with a pile of wool waiting to be made into a cosy for my Auntie Violet's grave in Clutton I do wonder if my growing knowledge will alter the way I knit. Watch this space.