Tuesday, 19 February 2013

wakefield happening

"You've really brightened my day"


"Wrapping things in town and creating havoc!"


"It's not very good"

"What a waste of wool"

Yarn storm in Wakefield on a beautiful cold blue sky day. Working in the shadow of the Cathedral with crows and pigeons flocking overhead. Wrapping the town centre in acrylic yarn, drawing, outlining street furniture, keeping secrets, not telling the whole story, unraveling, colouring in, enticing passers-by to ask questions, to join us, connections, conversations with strangers and the inert city space, adding an unfamiliar texture. Young people, citizens of their city, inhabiting and leaving their mark over six hours. Wakefield Happening.

Early start in Wakefield

 Sophie untangling

  James and Shabina connecting tree with bollard

 Ben and Ryan beginning a 3D intervention

 Sam and spring colour

 Want to know more?

 Kate, Edward and Melvin working on the banister

 Arato from Budapest and his bench 

 Sophie, Erin and Ryan towards the end of the day

 Arato's bench

 Ben and his work

 Sam and Shabina

Wakefield Happening