Monday 13 May 2013


People flocked to the Mint Street Adventure Playground last saturday to celebrate the consultation process for the potential transformation of this vibrant and loved interior space. The Building Exploratory commissioned me to work with the children who vitalise, ignite and give meaning to this space to express their ideas and inform potential changes. See here and here for my previous posts on my Mint Street adventure.

We worked with families, challenging the children to create a diorama of an interior they would like to spend time in. With a range of card, paper, textures, stickers and glue they got to work inventing places to socialise and relax in. Some spaces included complex structures to climb on, most included movable walls to create temporary sections within the space. These inventive interiors can adapt to the needs of the moment. A living space, a responsive space. 

All day long my workshop was full of making, testing, sharing. I got to spend time with some familiar faces and meet new families. A perfect day. 

We are ready!

 Sisters working together

 A toddlers contribution

A suggested interior