Thursday 5 September 2013

high light

Interpretation text and exhibition images below from last nights celebration event at The Hepworth Wakefield, an amazing finale to our Unitas Summer Arts College. All young people achieved their Bronze Arts Award, all are going onto further education, all have improved their social skills and 7 out of the 8 have improved their literacy and numeracy skills. I'm very proud of their achievements.

Thank you to Gillian, Reuben, Andrew, Joe, Siobhan, Vikki, April, Nat, Vic, Kate and everyone else at The Hepworth Wakefield and Wakefield YOT who supported this project. Thank you to the young peoples friends and families who crowded the learning studios last night and took a keen interest in the learning and achievements of the young people. It was the most celebratory celebration I've ever attended!

High Light
bright   exciting   awesome   fantastic   absolutely amazing
dark and funny   geometric shapes   massive big commitment

An exhibition created and curated by eight young people from the Wakefield District. The artworks are inspired by the artist Haroon Mirza, whose work is on display in Galleries 1 and 10.

We invite you to explore the space and expereince some of the sights and sounds of the Summer Arts College, captured by the young people using a variety of media during an intensive three weeks of creative activities.

The young people visited:

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The balls of gas burned bright as televisions, the stars
were as bright as the moon

Chantry Chapel

The shadows of darkness are like caves
no longer feeling down as we bring music

Emley Moor Transmitting Station (with a special ascent of 330 meters to the top)

We traveled the sky, we squeezed up tight to see the light
The lift going down sounded like a marching band

They also visited an artist's studio in Sheffield where they made steel sculpture.

The young people have worked with sculptor Gillian Brent, visual artist Karen Logan, DJ and producer Reuben Griffiths and poet Andrew McMillan. Each young person has achieved a bronze level Arts Award qualification.

Stay in the light   Keep it right   Stomp my buildings

 Film - sound -  structure - light

Showcasing the young peoples achievements

Our journey in pictures

 Intervention in Haroon Mirza's exhibition

Another viewpoint...