Thursday 3 July 2014

over and under

Thrilled to be exhibiting with Lucy Williams during the Leytonstone Arts Trail which began today in various venues in E11, London. Over and Under is showing at The Stone Space until the 13th of July. We both haven't exhibited for a couple of years so the trail provides a perfect opportunity to tentatively open up practice and meet local folk.

This is our joint statement:

We met at an Arts Trail meeting earlier this year and found a connection with our practices, the cross overs are the materials we use and thought processes and concepts behind the work. We use time consuming methods, working by hand to stitch and knit exploring issues such as belonging, absence and place. We also shared that finding time for our practices was a challenge and hoped that setting this goal could provide a springboard into making more work.

We decided to use the Leytonstone Arts Trail to begin a conversation between selected works. We wonder how meanings may alter and new ideas emerge from this staging and the possibilities of future conversations together. 

Over and Under at The Stone Space

Selection of works from my Close Knit project

Lucy WilliamsWorn Jackets (detail), 2014. Jackets, wool and buttons