Tuesday 9 February 2016

spring term - years 2 & 4 at drew primary

Drawing, painting, cutting, construction and clay with y2 and y4 classes at Drew Primary School. A Necklace of Raindrops and Varjak Paw provided our jumping off points! These story books are treasure troves of creative potential and we stretched this potential to the fullest learning new art techniques and using unfamiliar materials. The children embraced my expectations and the challenges set for them, filling their art books to bursting with their imaginative work. After half term I'll return to years 1 and 3 for more literacy inspired art.

Happy yellow cat

 Shadow puppets

Painted papers, cut and carefully placed in repeat

 Painting technique - holding the brush still and turning the egg!

The Tigris River with fine brushes and ink


 Beautiful art book page

Collaboration inspired by Bastet, Egyptian cat goddess