Wednesday 23 March 2016

spring term - years 1 & 3 at drew primary

Lots to fit into a short term... the y1 and y3 classes drew, painted, printed, formed, folded and constructed at Drew Primary School. Project inspiration was gathered from the pages of Grace and Family and The Pebble in my Pocket: A History of our Earth. When asked to share their thoughts the y1 classes surprised me with the range of favourite activities - they loved drawing their families, creating designs for crocodile stamps, looking at Dutch wax fabrics and creating patterns, printing and cutting out their colourful card crocodiles - their responses were sweet and thoughtful. Some y3's were a little disappointed by the chemical eruptions created inside their volcano models, I think they were expecting real lava!!! I'll be working with the y2 & y4 classes after Easter... watch this space!

 2D to 3D - fast sculpture

 Volcanos taking shape - busy hands!

 Team work

Water + washing-up liquid + baking soda + food colouring + vinegar = eruption!

Careful, thoughtful patterns


 Beautiful repeat print by a y1 pupil

Printed crocodile
Googly eyes + 5 year old = pure happiness!