Tuesday 26 July 2016

PLAY / GROUND - ritual & intention

This workshop provided an opportunity to explore the forest site in considering ritual, consciousness and voicing intention. Participants were invited to hunker down, breathe in the space, to listen, to tune in/tune out and quietly ask, What do I need more of in my life? Using materials found onsite objects were assembled to represent desires and our ritual was completed by writing intentions on rice paper which was buried or placed meaningfully within the holly grove. 

Rice paper, made of potato starch and water would dissolve in the coming days, our written/drawn intentions melting into the forest floor. Our actions retained as memories accompanying us beyond the woods and into everyday life, I wonder if thoughts have returned to the forest site since, mine have.

The Leytonstone Arts Trail 2016 focused mine and Siobhan Davies collaboration, both of us testing ideas and playfully pushing boundaries. PLAY / GROUND is an ongoing invitation for others to invent happenings and adventures in E11.



 Listening & mark making

 Object of desire

Interventions & tweaks within the space