Friday 1 December 2023

gorse & walking skirt - care collaboration commission

On Friday 24th of November I traveled to Hope and walked to the summit of Win Hill with my sister, Clare. J. B. Firth writes on page 206 of The Highways & Byways in Derbyshire, There is no more restful scene on which the eye of man can rest than the Vale of Hope as seen from the summit of Win Hill.

This was the first journey and walk in the skirt inspired by Hope, Paul and Penny Robinson. It was a short but meaningful walk, discovering how the skirt felt, moved and functioned (and how I felt, moved and functioned in it). I was delighted that the yellow ric-rac mirrored gorse, furze or whin, and the blue ribbon matched the cloudless sky! I'd not expected to reflect nature with these gaudy colours.