Friday 1 March 2024

walking skirt

It is almost 6 months since I began to consider 'Care Collaborations', a strand of Ruth Singer's Arts Council Funded Cultures of Care project. Ruth states, "Over the next couple of years I will be looking at under-explored stories of care of people, places, objects. I'm interested in how artist activities and creative practice contributes to a culture of care".

I'm taking 10 walks in the handmade ric-rac and ribbon Walking Skirt, click on the link to learn about the inspiration for this process and timeline of the walks. 

The closing sentence of J B Firth's preface in the Highways and Byways in Derbyshire (London, February 1905) inspired the production of these cards. Firth wrote, "Nor would I forget to thank the many chance and momentary acquaintances whom I met on the roads and in the fields of Derbyshire and, perhaps, wearied by my questioning curiosity".

I'm hoping a momentary acquaintance will comment on my skirt on the roads and in the fields of Derbyshire, if/when they do, I'll give them this card.