Wednesday 8 March 2017

out & about - yorkshire sculpture park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park provided the final destination for Out & About 2017, bringing together our project themes of landscape and sculpture in a phenomenal way! The groups explored the park, free range and self directed, linking/relating sculptures to Brimham Rocks, Hepworth and spotting designed landscape, reminiscent of Nostell Priory and Parkland amongst naturalistic views. Standing in front of Bob & Roberta Smith's, Art Makes Children Powerful we considered this statement and shared our ideas, before asking the question, 'How has this project made you powerful?' The thoughtful and heartfelt statements that followed were beyond my hopes for the project. 

Our last day was also the wettest of this whole adventure, and spirits were high. As the group trudged, rain soaked, towards the coach, an aunt of one of the boys turned to me with a grin and asked, 'Would you do it again?', 'YES!' I replied without hesitation, 'I would too' came the reply, and that felt amazing!

 This isn't sculpture!

 Drawing Koorida


 Yorkshire soil on our sketchbooks 

 Cragg, reminding us of Brimham Rocks

 Peace of paper

 Moore drawing

Art Empowers