Wednesday 29 March 2023

experimental drawing with horizons 6th form

My Tuesday mornings are rather exciting as I'm running experimental drawing sessions with fabulous students from Horizons 6th from at Derby QUAD. 

We had our third session this Tuesday, hardly ever take photos (no time!) BUT managed to take these beauties this week. Last week we went on a gathering walk near the river by the Museum of Making, we also took photographs along the route. This week we made drawing tools from the natural materials gathered and the photographs inspired mark-making and drawing.

To keep the DIY ethos going, the group used pestle and mortars to create 'paint' from turmeric, spinach, blueberries, beetroot, coffee, charcoal and soil! Amazing and sometimes unexpected colours were released.

Jamie captured his beautiful river photograph with the leaf drawing tool and charcoal 'ink' šŸ–¤