Monday 27 March 2023

play nicely

2022 was a particularly tough one.

This February I moved into a roomy one-bed rental flat in Langley Mill, Derbyshire with my cat Cilla. Unable to find affordable accommodation along the Derwent Valley I made the difficult decision to leave Haarlem Artspace in Wirksworth and the familiar people/surroundings that I love - hopefully I'll return one day.

I'm grateful for my own space and being reunited with my darling cat. Have set up a studio in the living room and am planning to take time to reengage with my art practice, pick up unfinished work and consider next steps. There is a neglected garden here and I've purchased a selection of interesting heritage seeds and plan to sew a small patch of flax.

I'm currently working as a creative practitioner for Derby QUAD, the Museum of Making (Midlands Maker Challenge) and Artcore.

Draw Derby is going from strength to strength: word of mouth and DD's Instagram is calling in the drawing kin - as I'd hoped. A regular attendee took me aside at the March gathering and said Draw Derby had changed her life, giving her confidence and the opportunity to meet likeminded, Kindly people - WOW! For more information and to book a free Eventbrite ticket see here!

Watch this space! Come on 2023 - play nicely!